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" I love it when you watch me walk up the stairs. It makes me stick my ass out that little bit more."

A collection of short, sweet & sometimes sexy quotes, written by women, about their men.


In this beautiful little pocket book,, Kat Van An explores with brutal honesty the heartache, the tears, the sweetness & the downright sexiness of our relationships.


With a section to add in your own 'Love Stuff', you can turn this book into a wonderful gift to kep for yourself or to give to your loved one.


**Contains some adult content**

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‘How exciting.  You are a true inspiration for us girls’.


Hi Kathy
I haven't been able to stop thinking about this email since you sent it, I'm not really one for sharing my feelings or emotions but this email couldn't of come at a better time. I needed to kind of let my emotions spill out a little...


Thank you! And thank you for making me confront my feelings instead of just avoiding them like I always do... :)

 Sharan x


Beautiful book well worth a read